This is not a shock to read; COVID-19 did a number on all of us

By June 15th, 2021

This is not a shock to read; COVID-19 did a number on all of us – but have you ever sat back to reflect on what it taught you? Both personally and professionally?

The pandemic has changed how and where we work, learn, shop and play — and even where we live.

So many different challenges have emerged. So many positives have unfolded. Almost overnight, school lessons and doctors’ appointments were online. Yoga classes, concerts and weddings were streamed via Zoom. There was a big rise in the number of people using dating apps. All of which raised the question: how do we move forward and respond from an operational and communication perspective? That’s actually not a question. Brands are no longer in control, the power has been handed over to the consumer. Their (our) worlds have changed, they (we) are smarter than ever because it’s been a fight for survival in the most uncertain times of our era. Some are living their best life. Others, their most challenging. As a brand; how can you accommodate both situations. Do consumers resent brands spending big? Yes. Do they care about you? No. It’s all about relevance and meeting their needs. Not your bottom line.

It opens up an amazing and exciting opportunity for brands today. You have the opportunity to embrace the changes put upon us and the innovations we’ve seen emerge. Some scare us, some give us butterflies, all of them are largely unexplored and/or uncertain. But that’s ok.

With an innovation mindset, brands that relied on long-established behaviour patterns for exposure need to look at ways to become more visible. Relevance, transparency and determination are essential to reaching, communicating and delivering a new generation of experiences. Brands that fully understand that will be most successful at achieving visibility.


What does this mean? We need to be brave, take risks and be measurable. A new way of thinking. I guess we ask the question to marketers today – what will you change? Internal operations? Decade old practises? Your ability to react regardless of outcome? Your brand relevance today, not tomorrow? Future proofing for what tomorrow may look like against all odds?

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