It’s one thing to get your product into store. But is your product at the risk of being sold?

By April 20th, 2020

If you have no idea what Shopper Marketing is, you’re not alone.

Shopper marketing focuses on influencing the shopper during and at the point of purchase. It’s an insight-led approach to a customer’s plan to shop and their in-store experience in a way that builds brand and drives consumption and growth. In other words, using data to create tailored retail strategies and creative ways to communicate with shoppers to help brands sell more stuff.

It’s one thing to get your product into the store. But is your product at the risk of being sold?

You’ve probably seen multiple shopper marketing promotions without thinking twice about it. It’s an opportunity to talk to the shopper, Hungry? Thirsty? Pick-me-up! Buy-me-now! Try-me-free! The right messaging can make-or-break a promotion. If you’ve consumed a product sample, cooked an on-pack recipe, switched brands due to an offer or purchased a product for a chance to win, you’ve engaged with shopper marketing.

Is your product on-shelf to begin with? Is your product at the risk of being sold? However, it’s not only what you do in-store, it involves an approach to pre-store, in-store, post-store, and digital engagement during the customer’s path to purchase, their journey.

Many businesses need all-sorts of marketing help to increase growth. That’s where we fit. We help brands combine shopper, promotions, in-store activation, social, content and influencer marketing to help you stand out. We thrive on the challenges of working on the agency side, which often means thinking quickly and creatively with one eye on the clock, another on the budget and another on what is possible and legal.

Pioneering promotional marketing. Delivering on beautifully crafted brand promises. Inspiring ongoing shopping behaviour.

Shopper Marketing is key to connecting with customer’s and ultimately driving sales for your brand. If you haven’t started thinking about your shopper approach, we’re a great place to start.

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