Ultimate Ears | Summer Essentials


The PXC550 is a premium travel product; fully wireless, with the latest noise cancelling technology. Our challenge was to brand-swap people away from Bose at key retail and decision making points of influence in the shopper journey.


Sennheiser has strong retailer coverage at airports, and it’s a known fact that this is an area where people are quite bored and looking for distraction. To leverage both of these factors, Bamboo developed a Sennheiser retail kiosk dedicated solely to the PXC550. Shoppers were given the opportunity to touch and feel the product as well as educating them on the product’s benefits and features via an interactive LCD screen. The experience was a personal one, allowing the user to select their preferred genre of music for the demonstration. As an added incentive to drive sales, we over-layed the experience with a GWP, which was redeemed instantly in-store. This worked as a relationship driver with retail / trade partners.